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  • single building in Puerto Rican mountains

    A kaleidoscopic portrait of the aftermath of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico.

  • A group of Peruvian fishermen going into the ocean at dawn.


    These Peruvian fishermen rely on their millenary tradition, which combines the wetlands and the ocean, to support their families. Now, this aging generation is witnessing the disappearance of their livelihood and their ancestral practices due to climate...

  • educational protesters

    When a thriving, highly-successful African American public elementary school is threatened to be replaced by a new high school that favors the community’s wealthier residents, parents, students and educators fight for the elementary school’s survival.

  • A pair of children's feet in white socks are visible jumping mid-air from a bed with a blue blanket


    An incarcerated musician struggles for healing and peace as he comes of age in this documentary-musical odyssey composed behind bars.


  • A girl with dark brown hair is lying on the bed, being nourished via feeding tube

    Facing deportation, hundreds of refugee children in Sweden have become afflicted with Resignation Syndrome, withdrawing from the world into a coma-like state, as if frozen, for months, or even years.

  • line worker works on electric tower in the Congo

    In many rural villages across the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is little to no power or visibility once the sun sets other than from firewood or kerosene lamps. Even in the twenty-first century, less than 10 percent of Congo’s population has electricity, one of the lowest in the world,...