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Fears over rising crime in cities across the country lead to a backlash against policing and criminal justice reforms.

Food and Country

At the center of the story is the amazing and endlessly curious Ruth Reichl-- former NY Times food critic, groundbreaking editor of Gourmet, best selling memoirist, and possibly the most respected


Pulls back the curtain on local American politics during an unprecedented moment when the City of Baltimore and the United States is in the midst of a fight over justice and equity.

The Unfinished Dance

An intimate portrait of the Asian American community shaken by the 2023 Lunar New Year mass shooting in Monterey Park, CA, as the survivors confront their mortality, guilt, and regret, while seekin

The Untitled 19th* News Film (working title)


The Untitled 19th* News Film (working title) documents the first years of a revolutionary news startup that is challenging the status quo of the most

Unbreakable Blue

Law enforcement professionals spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with the uglier side of human existence.

Unbroken Smile

This film reflects a young woman's journey through adversity after corrupt police officers broke her teeth and tried to frame her.


There are few organizations that provide specifically for the needs of unhoused animals, though it has been proven that the human-animal bond provides companionship and purpose.

Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America

Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America follows the stories of LGBT refugees and asylum seekers from Africa and the Middle East as they flee persecution in their countries of origin to seek better and safer lives in the U.S.

Untitled Domestic Migration Documentary

A film about the remaking of America from the voices of a small town divided.

Untitled Dwarfism Project

There’s a new drug on the horizon that promises to make little people taller—but it’s threatening to erase the very community it claims to serve.

Untitled Lerone D. Wilson Documentary

Themes of culture, diversity, and internet freedom clash in this study of how social media has reshaped our lives and upended decades of technological, journalistic, and political norms.

Untitled Michael Premo Documentary

Untitled Michael Premo Documentary explores issues in contemporary America.

Untitled South Sudanese Refugee Project

After helping achieve independence for South Sudan in 2011, an activist and military officer left behind the government and its abuses.

Untitled Sura Mallouh Project

Two friends uncover a conflict that divides their already embattled community. Told from all sides, with unprecedented access to courtrooms, anonymous sources and community leaders, this observational film unfolds in real time.


Users (working title) explores the unintended and often dehumanizing consequences of our society's embedded belief that technological progress will lead to the betterment of humanity.