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Chelsea Hernandez

Chelsea is an Emmy-nominated Mexican-American filmmaker based in Austin, Texas.

I Still Haven't Found My Family

10,000 war-separated Korean families were reunited during a live broadcast in 1983. But for those who still haven’t found their families, time is running out.

I'm Not Her

Minnie endured years of abuse working in the American porn industry.

Ilse Fernandez

Ilse Fernandez is the director and producer of Exodus Stories. Fernandez is a Colombian-born U.S.

Impossible Town

For four decades, the town of Minden, West Virginia has languished in a toxic cesspool stuck between a sewage treatment facility and a water park.

Zippy Kimundu

Zippy is an award-winning Kenyan Filmmaker who has been working in the global industry for over a decade as a Producer/Director/Editor.