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Fortunate Sons

Fortunate Sons is the story of a group of boys who entered the 7th grade of an all-male, military school in the cultural watershed year of 1968 - now preparing for their 50th reunion, their lives a


A 31-year-old Mexican immigrant, trapped in daily conflict with his limbs due to cerebral palsy, strives to become a samurai.

Made in Boise

Three women find purpose carrying babies for strangers in the conservative heartland of Boise, Idaho - the unregulated and unofficial “surrogacy capital” of the United States - even as they put their own lives at risk.

Made in Ethiopia



Three pioneering women navigate the bumpy expansion of the biggest Chinese industrial zone in Ethiopia.

Magic & Monsters

The story of long-buried, widespread sexual abuse at America’s preeminent children’s theater, and the survivors who came forward to hold their abusers and the institution that harbored them accountable.

Mama Bears

Mama Bears is a feature-length documentary that explores the many ways in which the lives of conservative, Christian mothers are impacted and utterly transformed when they decide to affirm and advocate on behalf of their LGBTQ children.


With startling and unprecedented access, MAYOR follows a charismatic leader's quest to build the city of the future in a land paralyzed by its past.



Doris Muñoz is an ambitious music manager whose undocumented family depends on her ability to discover aspiring pop stars.


After a Canadian gold mine operation overtook her island for fifteen years, an indigenous landowner is left with struggles to defend her land tenure rights at a land court.

Missing in Brooks County

As the national debate over immigration policy simmers to a boil, its practical consequences are felt every day in Brooks County, Texas.

Mister Backlash

When the murder of George Floyd forced Minneapolis to confront a historically and systemically racist police department, Minneapolis City Council Members spearheaded an effort to dismantle and defu


After losing his father and brother to corrupt armed forces in the Congo, Mermans 'Mofaya' Mosengo had no choice but to escape.

Mona Finnih, the Queen of Afrobeat

Feature documentary about Nigeria's first female international singer. And one of the pioneers of Afrobeat music that was coined by the king Fela Kuti.

Moving Like Pond Water

Is it possible to go to war and come back mentally sound?

Murdered on the Fourth of July

Years of mounting tensions between multicultural, anti-racist skinheads and white neo-Nazi groups led to two brutal murders in the desert outside Las Vegas on July 4, 1998, including that of a Blac

My Dear Kyrgyzstan

Emil is a social media-obsessed entrepreneur in one of the most remote places on earth: An abandoned Soviet mining village in the mountains of eastern Kyrgyzstan.

My Midwife


The arrest of three homebirth midwives serving Amish and Mennonite communities in upstate New York ignites a legislative fight for freedom of choice in birthi

The Metal Detector

Georg is an Austrian retiree whose mother witnessed the crash of an Allied B-17 near their home during World War II.

The Monster and the Storm

Cosricans follows a close-knit group of friends on their journey to redefine their own lives through their art and the power of their community.