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  • photo of hands holding image of a victim of hazing

    If you think hazing is a trivial college problem, think again. In Hazing, award-winning filmmaker, Byron Hurt, lifts the veil on a range of secret, underground rituals that are often dehumanizing, abusive, and sometimes, deadly. Byron, a member of a fraternity, places hazing culture...

  • Hu xin writes Nushu characters with a small paint brush.


    Hidden Letters tells the story of two Chinese women trying to balance their lives as independent women in modern China while confronting the traditional identity that defines but also oppresses them. Connected through their love for Nushu—a...

  • Synopsis

    Holder of the Sky is a documentary film that tells the story of one tribe’s pursuit to take back their treaty territory in the face of longstanding racism and a lingering lust for their land -- a story of colonization’s continuum in modern-day...

  • young boy sitting on top of one of three drainage tunnels expelling blue water color paint

    Hollow Tree tells the stories of three teenagers coming of age in Southeast Louisiana; a parable of climate adaptation worldwide.

  • A 2D animated watercolor painted image of a girl wearing glasses with long, dark black hair, wearing a green sweater with a yellow broken heart and a pink ribbon on the shoulder. Her eyes are closed and she faces downward looking a bit sad. Another girl in a dress painted grey sits on her shoulder, and a boy painted the same color grey floats in front of her. The girl in glasses is against a grey, cloudy sky with a cityscape of highrise buildings in the distance behind her.


    Accessing the American Dream is still not possible for all, much less those who come from immigrant backgrounds; for undocumented youth, their hopes for the future coexist with permanent fear of possible deportation. Marginalized within the country they...

  • Jessica Gonzales Lenahan stands to the left of a doorway in their home with a family portrait on the right wall

    HOME TRUTH follows the life of Jessica Gonzales Lenahan, a Latina and Native American domestic violence survivor, who, after the death of her three young daughters, sues her local police department in Castle Rock, Colorado, for not adequately enforcing a restraining order, and pursues her case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and an international human rights tribunal.