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  • Black father holds smiling child upside down in playful manner

    Through one family’s tragic loss and fight for justice, Aftershock examines one of the most pressing and shameful national crises in America and the growing movement that surrounds it: The U.S. maternal-mortality crisis.

  • Two women is walking with their white dog on an unpaved road flanked by green green trees.

    Jones Farm is a lush, 688-acre farm situated in the heart of western Alabama. Three generations of black women explore their very different ties to this place that shaped them and continues to exert a strange hold on their identities. This is the same plot of land that their ancestors once worked as slaves—a history that is important to their identities and to how they navigate the world.

  • large family poses for black and white picture

    Baltimore, 1972: Henry Selhorst, father of thirteen children, is murdered blocks from his home by three young men.

    Decades later, his granddaughter Emily Topper tries to find out what really happened that fatal day. 'Racism', people said back then. But is that really all there was to it...

  • The promotional poster for "All We've Lost": an elderly woman in a red rainjacket and black trousers stands at the steps of a government building, with the film's title in large letters next to her.


    In the small town of Laurel, Montana, a mother refuses to give up fighting for her wrongfully imprisoned son’s release, culminating in a spectacular bipartisan collective effort spanning local and national exoneration and innocence activist movements....

  • two veterans pause in the middle of road amid their backpacking trip

    The inspiring true story of two friends who embark on an epic journey to heal from their time in combat.

  • old photo of siblings in cheer outfit sitting on the floor of a living room

    Spanning over 30 years, the Untitled Jamie Boyle Project interweaves the filmmaker's personal story with one of the most pressing social issues of our time.